What is Simply Accelerated Marketing and Competitive Bidding?

The term is basically the same as an auction however with todays technology marketing plays a broader role and bidding can occur on an online platform with no auctioneer calling bids. The term auction means the sale of goods or real estate by means of exchanges between an auctioneer and members of the audience, the exchanges consisting of a series of invitations for offers made by the auctioneer, offers by members of the audience, and acceptance by the auctioneer of the highest or most favorable offer.

Auctions Conjure Up:

Rare and Unusual Items
Most Advantageous Sale
Choice for Buyer & Seller
Everyone is Welcome
Spirit of Competition
$202.7 Billion Sold

The Auction Method of Marketing 

Appraising the Merchandise
We get to know the property and utilize our expertise to determine the value of all items put up for bid. In real estate sales research current sales and past sales and offer a Comparative Market Analysis. 

Advertising the Sale
It is part of our responsibility to ensure that people know about the auction, we work hard to advertise in newspaper, web sites, flyers and posters. Marketing is the key to success in any auction sale. Decisions Estate and Realty Solutions offers the experince in Marketing that you need by having an MBA and additional graduate study in Marketing.

Repair and Clean up Items
We want your goods to look the best they can, so we spend time fixing, polishing and displaying them so they will appeal to buyers. In real estate we will work with the seller to offer staging and appeal to a wide array of buyers. 

Keep Financial Sale Records
We keep a log of items sold and the price that was paid. In addition we maintain compliance with Real Estate Law as well as Auction Law by insuring there are written contracts for any activity we offer. 

Clean the site after the Sale
When the sale is over we will tidy up by picking up debris, bidder numbers and leaving the site as it was found prior to the sale. In addition for a nominal fee we can offer housekeeping services to prep the home for sale or rent and save you from having to look elsewhere as we offer Turnkey services. 

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