RingMaster Certified 
John Palinkas is a graduate of The Florida Auctioneer Academy's RingMaster Certified Program!  The Florida Auctioneer Academy has been teaching this class as well as their auctioneer classes for 25 Years!  This certification is another reason to make The Auctions by JNL Team your sole source provider for asset conversion!  The company committed to the latest advances! 
What RingMaster is all about....How the Ringman can make every auction a successLearn how to help the auctioneer get the most money for every itemHow to work with the bidders to help them bidHow to make money in the auction ringConcentrated 'on your feet' ring training to give you the self confidence to make your first auction, and every auction a profitable one.Learn from expert WORKING RingMasters. How to get more from each item sold. How to "Pump Up" the crowd a notch.
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